Fastest Way To Create A Product

If you are creating a membership site or want to launch a new product every month, it would be insane to spend several weeks to create a product. You would have no time to think about your business as whole, build a relationship with other marketers and most importantly… you won’t have time to promote your new products.

In this article I will show you the fastest way to create a product that will still be effective in teaching your customers what they need to know. This won’t be a cheap looking product either. Your customers will appreciate its value and you can sell it at a premium price.

If you were to write an eBook on a topic that you know quite well, it will take you an average of 2 weeks. A lot of that time will involve adding more chapters to the eBook, spell checking, grammar checking, adding pretty pictures and formatting the eBook nicely.

Creating videos on the other hand also takes a lot of time. The lighting on the camera is not right, you need to edit your stutter or revealing of personal information when you captured your screen or your computer hangs in the middle of you recording the screen capture.

If you want to increase the money you make online, one of the best ways is to increase the number of products that you sell online.

So if you want to launch a product every month and have time left over to promote it and write a sales letter for it, you need a way to create a product fast.

The fastest way to create a product, is to record audios.

Some people will love this idea and while some will hate it. The reason is because some people like to learn by reading. Some like to learn by watching videos. And of course, there are those that like to learn by listening.

However, it is very rare, that a person won’t purchase a product because it’s an audio and not an eBook or video. They will say that other formats are preferable, but they rarely skip the purchase because the format was not right.