Collective Consciousness Creates Our World

You are your own creator. You create your world and collectively we create the world too. Everyone has always looked outside of themselves for help, for health, for world change, for money, relationships etc. not realizing that you are responsible for your own life. It’s time to break free from looking on the outside for your desires and blaming others for your problems.

My main focus is to inform you that collectively we also create everything else. Our collective thoughts create our weather, racial issues, violence, poverty and anything else you feel needs changing. REMEMBER THIS IMPORTANT FACT, WHATEVER YOU BELIEVE YOU CREATE. You see, the powers that be knew this truth and have used it to their advantage.

What most of you do not realize that your thoughts create your outcome. Whatever you believe is created to prove to you that you are correct. Our thoughts have been manipulated for the past 26,000 years! We are currently ascending. Planet earth is experiencing a new era of love, peace, and harmony. If your life is full of anxiety, stress, health issues, and fear, then you are following their programming.

You live in the matrix, trapped into a low energy vibration which created you to lose your memory of who you truly are. Now is the time to awaken to the truth of life so together we can change our world’s outcome. I wrote many articles and poems about turning off the news as they truly have only one purpose in mind which is to keep you in fear. This control extends to the news, media, television shows and movies. Nothing that happens is real and this is all an illusion. This illusion has you stressed out, kept you sick, angry, full of anxiety and useless to your own innate powers.

God has given each of us the power to create whatever our hearts desire and these power-hungry people know this. Without you realizing their plan, they create what they want to accomplish by using you to get on their side. You have been their puppets.

Let’s look at the current racial wars that are now occurring. They actually planted the seed for you to carry out. How you might ask? First I would like to paint a picture for you to better understand my point. Our poisonous food and water supply leads you to doctors and drugs. Drugs are designed to make you ill, not heal you. Twiggy was created which increased the makeup and diet industry along with clothes and plastic surgery, and hair products, just to name a few. We don’t need airplanes, automobiles for travel as we have the power to travel anywhere in the world just by thought. Electricity and energy or cable bills is not needed as this was also created to extract money from us. Illnesses have been created to keep us separate. Borders were created to increase their pockets and keep us separate. Our prison system, borders, and education is also ONLY about money. Hollywood is a major factor along with the media of all kinds as you believe you must know what is going on in the world when in truth, most everything you think is happening is staged to keep you in fear and therefore controlling you. Fear based stories are written about not enough food, not enough water supply, terrorists, over population, murders, rapes, child abductions and how our education system is losing money. The powers that be realizes they are losing ground so they keep flooding our news and internet with more fear-based stories.

So many people are awakening to so much of what I have mentioned but most people don’t realize that our collective thoughts create all these scenarios too. Television and the movie industry has brought us to separation and fear. Fear based movies create fear in you which in turn keeps you vibrating at a very low level. Think about your fears. You fear your future, your lively hood, your health, diseases, aging, other people, other nations, terrorists, wars, guns, etc. Are you following me? The seed of race was planted showing us for years that blacks are not intelligent, are dangerous, and someone to fear. This has been flashed over news channels subliminally for years. It is continued through the media, TV shows and movies. Collectively you believe this and so it is carried out through the police force and others who believe this truth,

You might be wondering what do I know? Well I know all this to be true and deep inside so do you. In the meantime, you can prove every single thing I have stated for yourself. Every single thought you think creates your outcome. Change your negative thought to a positive one and see what happens for yourself. After you see this truth for yourself, hopefully you will understand the power you have and realize how collectively these problems are created. For example, if you believe that other people will make you sick then you will get sick. Now change that thought and tell yourself that no person on this planet carries any germs for you to catch. Then surround yourself with people who have colds and watch what happens. If you believe that everyone on the freeway is rude, in a hurry, and never lets you in their lane, change your thoughts to the opposite and see how that works for you. Instead say, “everyone on the freeway is nice, doesn’t cut me off and always lets me in the lane I need to move into when my blinker is on.” Think of anything you want to change and make your thought positive to create it instead. After you have proven to yourself that what I am telling you is correct, then hopefully you will see how our collective thoughts creates everything else.