Fast Approach to Creating Your Market Offline

There are several different ways to market your business offline, but it starts by making business cards. You probably have a local establishment in your area, but there is no need to spend this type of money. Just head to vista print and they offer plenty of free “start-up” business cards.

You only have to pay for the shipping costs and you will receive 250-500 business cards depending on their special. They also provide you with the ability to upload your own logo, so take advantage of it.

Make sure you head to their website and take care of this first. If you get the 3-day shipping then it won’t be such a long wait. Otherwise you’re looking at one to two weeks. In the meantime you can go back and create more content for those article directory sites.

Once you receive your business cards it’s time to think about the way you want to approach your offline marketing. Here are a few things I do to get more traffic to my own websites:

Place one on the billboard at each of the local grocery stores.

Anytime you send mail, place a business card in it.

When you fill up your gas tank, leave one by the pump.

Ask local establishments if they will allow you to keep business cards in their store.

Ask restaurants if you can do the same.

Leave one on the table after eating at a restaurant.

Other Marketing Methods Offline

While business cards provide a quick approach to creating your market offline, there are several other avenues you can take advantage of to find success. Here are a few of them you should consider:

Newspaper Classifieds

Local “Value” Magazines


Road Billboards

Renting a booth at the Flea Market (if your business fits the mold)

Renting a booth at various local events

Sponsor a youth sports team

Volunteer and Charity work